About Us

Welcome to African American Science Fiction Web home. We are part of the AFRO Sci-Fi Community which represents speculative fiction from around the world. Stories and mythologies help us to image a better future for all of us. Once we imagine it, we can build it The overall Mission of this website is to offer a platform  where authors, graphic artists, videographers, dancer, singers and other creative souls can celebrate the AFROcentric experience in science fiction and fantasy.


We  invite everyone to participate in this site especially if you are new to afrocentric culture. Guest bloggers are welcome. Book announcements and signings will be feature on our events page. Reviews of books, art and video are also welcome. The intent of this site to be a  community open to everyone who anyone who is willing to discuss  cultural simularities as well as differences in honest, spirited yet "civil' debate.


Welcome to the future. It's a great place to create something new!

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