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Meet AFROFuturist: Stafford Battle

Afrofuturist Stafford Battle

Stafford Battle is an Instructional Designer at a prominent Med School on the East Coast of the USA. In that capacity,  he has helped to incorporate online learning into traditional medical school training. The way we learn is changing drastically. Teaching has to embrace the new social media technologies. Speculative fictionis also an important form of teaching.
He is a published author and freelance writer. He enjoys blogging and interacting with other writers online and in support groups.  He promotes multicultural speculative fiction that embraces a new world view and that urges us to think and not mindlessly march to the whims of corporate bosses. 

Speculative Fiction Written By Stafford Battle

Stafford enjoys creating short stories and novels that challenge conceptions that most people consider normal. For instance what if: African Demons followed African captives during the trafficking of humans. These demons are rising.
The primary goal of sci-fi is to examine human reactions -- not have fantastic new machines or alien invaders. Fantasy digs deep into what we fear at night -- the bump, or the knock on the door, or the shadow that crawls across our bedcovers. Horror shocks us when the familar becomes unreal and threatening. He offers anthologies and novels that tests the limits of your curiosity and courage. You can find his books on Amazon and Smashwords.

Space Operas, Steam Funk, Sword and Soul, Wild Weird Black West, AFRO Horror

AFRO Speculative Fiction, A.K.A AFROFuturism

Story Excerpt from

Afro Sci-Fi Anthology by Stafford Battle

AFROSci-Fi Anthology“Your big tree out back is supposed to be haunted just like every other large tree in North Carolina. Evidently, a runaway slave on his way to sanctuary in the Great Dismal Swamp was caught and chained to this particular tree as a bloody lesson for other runaways that came this way. But these slave catchers were a really sadistic bunch of Appalachian inbreeds. They kept the runaway alive, and had a big celebration. Big party. Booze, fiddlers, games, and feast.

They expertly carved off pieces of the man and made stew. Fingers, toes, ears, hands, skin were all part of the main dish. Legend tells us that the man survived for nearly six days in incredible pain. His wails could be heard for miles around.

But the slave catchers just prodded their musicians to play a little louder and they danced a little harder. On the morning of day seven, the decision was made to finish the meal and head back home in the hills. But a thick fog rushed in and the man, or what was left of him vanished in an instant. Only his bloody chains wrapped around the trunk remained as if the tree had swallowed him whole.

The white men pondered what to do next. A group picked up their axes and saws and agreed to hack down the tree. As they approached the giant oak, however, leaves began rustling, then the branches of the tree shook violently while its roots angrily rose up out of the ground and began clawing and ripping human flesh.

The slave catchers tried to run away but a howling African tree demon strangled all of the men except for one who somehow got away.” He shuddered. “The story is told in various versions. But the end result is the same.”

Maggie sat quietly for a few moments. Then she offered, “Lemonade?” -- From "The Lynching" in AFROSci-Fi Anthology by Stafford Battle

Resurrecting the King by Stafford Battle

“Are you aware of what is happening in Africa, and how the turmoil will spread to the Americas, Europe and Asia? Exotic tropical diseases are re-emerging because of the lack of doctors and nurses. Old tribal conflicts are troubling us, again. Militant warlords are seeking more powerful nuclear arsenals that can bombard cities on every continent. Father fought to keep the peace. But since his murder, the political structure in Africa is unraveling, fast. Tribal and religious fanatics capable of mass genocide are gaining power. We need a strong leader who has not been compromised by greedy international corporations. You must help me. I need you.” Her tears flowed, wetting his hand as he touched her cheek and attempted to wipe away her anguish.

He replied, “When I was younger and foolishly ambitious, I indulged in bioengineering; mostly just manufacturing body parts — lungs, eyes, arteries, kidneys — replacement organs that we could use in our old age. Organ printing was the original concept. I could build a beating, human heart from scraps of flesh, stem cells, human blood and computer programming. We resurrected frogs and mice that had been dead for months. I had teams of dedicated scientists. We thought we were young gods. But we only created monsters and freaks that died squealing. I made bad decisions to attain glory. I am constantly haunted by those failures.”

She said, “You will do better this time. I have advisors who can guide you. Our new technology is more precise. Please, please help me. I need you. The world needs you.”

“I will not resurrect your father. The creature we bring back might not have a mortal soul. It could be a mindless, organic machine, a dangerous killer. It could rebel against its creators.”

“Father will listen to me — to become great again. He will remember my voice. I would sing to him. He would obey me.”

“No. To bring such a hideous monstrosity back into the living world is a crime against nature. I swore never to go back into that nightmare.” -- Resurrecting the King by Stafford Battle

AFRO Sci-Fi Anthology

Short stories: Avenging African demons thrive in America. A wild west sheriff uses nubian magic to stop bad guys. A wedding in Earth orbit is attacked by Galactic slavers; and much more.

New African Fables for Adults

Short stories: Sword and Soul with a touch of magic and moist lust in these simmering tales. Bring some clean tissues. This is strickly for adults who crave some sweaty themes in their speculative fiction.

Resurrecting The King

Stopping the Great War of Africa will require a romantic entanglement between a beautiful jazz singer, a professor on the edge of suicide, a dead warrior tyrant resurrected and a sexy robot that wants to be a human.

Rage of the Mamba

The Mamba terrorize the galaxy using hi-tech far beyond all space-faring civilizations. The Mamba queen has only one request to stop the destruction of Earth. She demands that a human male who rejected her romantic attentions to join with her. It isn't wise to enrage a Mamba.